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“Dashboards are so 2015” - part 2

In part 1 of this series, I explained how the DataVoice customer interaction recording and management solution communicates its health and status information intelligently and proactively with IT support staff.

Here in part 2, I explore the value unlocked by customers who have up to date information about the health and status of their interaction recording solution.

Businesses in the financial services and critical communications industries record for compliance purposes and it is a truly real-time operation. If recordings are missed or unsuccessful, it is very damaging to the reputation of the organisation to have to contact these customers back, e.g. where contracts are concluded telephonically. In worst-case scenarios, the recordings are either lost forever or if identified too late, virtually impossible to catch up depending on the volumes.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting acceleration to WFH, we have observed a number of connectivity and network related issues that led to customers losing recordings.

At DataVoice we understand that your interaction recording and management solution actually “touches a large part of your IP network without physically touching it”. Let me give you a few real-world examples of what is meant by this...


The first is a large Telco with a comprehensive DataVoice solution installed, who make use our dashboards extensively. Recently they observed a marked increase in the percentage of “Empty Call” counts (meaning all call metadata is present so a telephone call definitely took place, but the recording did not contain any audio), their first indication of a problem.

Upon troubleshooting, it was found that all of the interaction recorders were in service, all IP connectivity was sound and CTI integrations up and running - which then strongly suggested that the problem was external to the recording solution. Upon passing over the trouble ticket to the Networking support team, the root cause of the problem was quickly found to be a gateway configuration error; something completely unrelated to the voice recording solution - but identified early by DataVoice’s dashboard.

The second is a separate but similar incident, DataVoice’s advanced support engineers investigated persistent cases of intermittent empty recordings, and any support engineer will tell you that their worst nightmare is investigating intermittent problems!

The customer had a mix of agents working from both office and home to adhere to the social distancing regulations, making the problem seem even worse, but DataVoice’s dashboard was able to identify the issue immediately. With considerable focus, the common thread between these empty recordings was identified, with all of the affected found to be recordings of agents working from their homes, pointing to a remote network routing issue, which once identified was swiftly corrected.


These are just two of the many cases where having an up to date health and status monitoring dashboard has helped to identify other issues in a deployed network solution and assist in mitigating business risk and saving their reputation.

Author: Francois van der Vyver, Channel Manager

If your current customer interaction recording and management solution doesn’t communicate it’s health and status information intelligently and proactively, please contact us at and one of our Channel Managers will be in contact.

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