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Candy Cotton
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Powerful, feature-packed and our most operationally focused release to date

Libra 13 is built on the proven core of its powerful predecessors, with exciting new features and functionality designed with your business in mind. With live monitoring, tenant administration, dashboards for close monitoring and cloud-connected storage, you have everything you need to mitigate risk, improve your customer experience and react to difficult situations, quickly and effectively.

Live Monitoring

Voice, SDS including location, group affiliations & conversations, statuses and emergency notifications, with Libra 13 and it's new Live Monitoring feature, you can monitor all of these interactions for a targeted radio in near real-time, no matter how complex the system architecture.



Sharing infrastructure has never been easier! Libra 13 takes multi-tenancy to another level with fantastic system enhancements, and user administration through an intuitive and powerful web-based administration portal (WebAdmin).

Cloud storage

Storage management just got easier, with Libra 13, your recorder can now store directly to AWS and Azure cloud storage environments, with review and playback of recordings happening seamlessly, as if they were stored locally.



Enhanced dashboarding, see everything at a glance! Libra 13 allows you to keep an eye on everything with powerful dashboards built around what is important. IT managers can mitigate risk and identify issues quickly through easily identifiable colour-coded graphs. Green may mean "go", but Red means "RUN"! 

Other key features and enhancements

Enhanced integrations

Tenant based user administration

Radio recording solution enhancements

Support MS Teams recording

Installation on AWS and Azure

Interface enhancements

Improved reporting and monitoring

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