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Libra 12: Multi-tenancy and WebAdmin for shared infrastructure

Sharing infrastructure has never been easier! Libra 12 takes multi-tenancy to another level with fantastic system enhancements, and user administration through an intuitive and powerful web-based administration portal (WebAdmin).

Sharing is undoubtedly caring but only when done responsibly! Enhanced multi-tenancy features included in Libra 12 contribute significantly to make it a truly operationally focused solution. It eases the burden of system administrators while enabling Tenants to administer their users when needed.

A WebAdmin session for the administration of a tenants own agents for access to search and review of interations.
WebAdmin session

So why does having this functionality matter?

Technology is moving more and more towards shared infrastructure, platforms and software; it is therefore becoming more beneficial for organisations to leverage cost-saving through deployed solutions that allow the flexibility to self-manage while remaining completely secure and compliant.

Tenant partitioning with dedicated storage and varying retention periods depending on specific requirements has always been a critical strength of the Libra solutions. With the latest configuration enhancements, it is now even better and easier to get going. System administrators can quickly define a Tenant with all of their requirements, including a new blanket recording feature, and create a Tenant administrator. Job done!

A newly assigned Tenant administrator(s) can now manage their users with ease through the WebAdmin interface. It is simply a matter of assigning these users access rights to WebRecall and Live Monitoring depending on their requirements. The rest is handled automatically by the Libra system, ensuring that your users and data remain protected, and making sure each user only sees what he needs to.

So who would benefit from deploying this functionality?

We left this a bit late but maybe for a good reason, but a "Tenant" in Libra terms is generic and can be any of the following and more:

A company: simply making use of shared office space and infrastructure or leasing a part of their office to smaller companies and startups.

A department: within a large enterprise that requires each department to administer and manage their users. In, for example, financial institutions would have several customer touchpoints ranging from their contact centre, consultant, advisors and accounts departments.

An organisation: just needing to manage their users effectively without the need to always involve system administrators.

An agency: maybe Police, EMS, Fire Department, Parks services, Municipal services, etc. sharing more substantial deployed infrastructure such as a national radio network. They would require the ability to manage their users and interactions safely and securely.

By default, this feature comes activated for one Tenant in Libra 12, allowing organisations to start managing their users out of the box and add more Tenants through licensing as they grow.

For further information or a demo, please contact us at and one of our Channel Managers will be in contact.

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